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  • jennie kim posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    KT beat SK, which is the sixth consecutive win in 2959 days.

    KT continued to lose ground as it defied SK’s pursuit.

    Busan KT won the away match of the 2019-2020 Hyundai Mobis Professional Basketball League against SK in Seoul on Wednesday, 81-68.

    With the victory, KT won its sixth consecutive victory in 2,959 days since Nov. 4, 2011. In addition, he became the lone third-ranked player, and his victory with No. 2 Anyang KGC Insam Corp. narrowed to 0.5 games. On the other hand, the No. 1 SK Wyverns ended their two-game winning streak and their nine-game home run march. His victory over No. 2 KGC Insam Corp. was reduced to two games.

    Byron Mullins (21 points, 3 shots, 3 shots, 17 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steel), and Heo Hoon (18 points, 3 rebounds, 9 assists) led KT’s victory. Kim Young-hwan (14 points, 3 points, 4 shots, 3 rebounds 9 assists) has made his 36th 500th game appearance and passed the 46th 4,500 mark.

    KT got off to a good start. With Heo Hoon and Kim Yoon-tae at the forefront, the speedy transfer of airlift was powerful and dominated by the team. Merlins’ under-the-goal music was also a big KT, which made as many as five fastballs in the first quarter, finished the first quarter 25-13.

    KT, which had run to 19 points in the early second quarter, faced a crisis in the middle of the second quarter. He failed to seal off Jamil Warney and was once chased by nine points, but KT kept the lead as long as Hur Hoon and Kim Young-hwan hit a three-run shot at each pass. When the second quarter ended, the score was 44-34.

    The third quarter was similar. KT seemed to run away from the chase early in the third quarter with three-run shots from Hur Hoon and Kim Young-hwan, but was chased to six in the middle of the third quarter due to a lack of defense against the Haines. Just as his offensive power recovered at the end of the second quarter, however, Kim Yun-tae and Kim Young-hwan made three-run shots at the end of the third quarter to end the third quarter at 61-49.

    The last minute of the third quarter continued into the fourth quarter. KT tied up extra free throws following Hur Hoon’s goal and Mullins’ three-run shot to maintain a lead of around 10 points. 토토사이트Blocking SK’s three-run shot was one of the driving forces. Yang Hong-seok’s three-run shot, which went as far as 19 points just three minutes before the game ended, was virtually a net score.

    KT is aiming for its seventh consecutive win in a away match against Changwon Prior to this, SK will start to change the mood in its home game against Goyang Orion on Wednesday.